Underwater Modeling
Divers interacting with UW environment
   Photographers whose mission is to record people interacting with the underwater environment oftentimes don't have access to an experienced model. A good model will have significant impact on quality of the photography. Karen Stewart, an accomplished underwater photographer and underwater model, is available to visiting photographers on a fee basis.
Karen and Dolphin    Karen was certified in 1989 and is currently a PADI Master Instructor as well as an SSI and HSA instructor. She and her husband Ian, have owned and operated an underwater photography company both in North Carolina and Cayman Brac. Karen, through her company Underwater Imaging, is the photo pro at Brac Aquatics in Cayman Brac.
   Karen has been working on Cayman Brac since 1996 and has become very familiar with dive sites both on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. With this knowledge, she can help find the best subject material on each divesite. She also knows how to work with marine life - eye contact with the friendly grouper population, swimming with turtles, interacting with their resident dolphin and working around coral and overhangs with minimal scatter. She knows about the rhythm a photographer and model usually achieve when strobes fire and the model exhales.
   Being a photographer herself and having worked with several photographers, Karen understands many of the hand signals photographers use to direct eye contact, body position, speed and proximity. A quick pre-dive meeting with a photographer should complete the photographer-model's understanding of hand signals.
Modeling Equipment
   Karen maintains a variety of attractive and coordinated wetsuits, BCs and regulators that are safe and suitable for underwater modeling. She is also comfortable working in comparable gear provided by the photographer. If the photographer or a vendor supplies equipment, her sizes are:
   Mask: average size face; usually easy to fit
   Fins: 36-38 or her own nondescript black booties and fins
   Wetsuit: XS/S (depending on the manufacturer)
   BC: XS
How Much Does It Cost?
   Karen bases her rates on the type of photography being done; $100/day for professional editorial work, $35/dive for non-professional work and $250/day for advertising and film work. Major credit cards are accepted. Photographer is also responsible for model's diving costs which may vary depending on the dive operator.
Contact & Scheduling
   eMail address is uwi@candw.ky. For availability and scheduling please eMail Karen prior to trip.

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